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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules
•Rule #1: No gravedigging old threads.

•Rule #2: No double posting.

•Rule #3: No server advertisement.

•Rule #4: No racial/prejudicial act.

•Rule #5: No disrespecting any member of DS.

•Rule #6: Evading a ban / punishment will result in multiplication of the previous ban / punishment

•Rule #7: Strictly no conversations about hacking/DDosing.

•Rule #8: Pornographic / crude links are not permitted.

•Rule #9: No useless or off topic posts.

•Rule #10: Listen to all staff.

•Rule #11: Only bump every 24 hours.

•Rule #12: No asking for rep.

•Rule #13: Do not make a thread created at one player in a negative way.

•Rule #14: No adf.ly/bit.ly (survey/free money, etc) links.

•Rule #15: No rep farming.

•Rule #16: No trolling in the graphics section.

•Rule #17: No sexism.

If you are caught breaking any rule, a moderator may punish you without warning.

Note: DS means DungeonScape.

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