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In-game Rules

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In-game Rules

  • Rule #1: Do not advertise other servers or outside websites.
  • Rule #2: No disrespecting any member of DS.
  • Rule #3: Do not abuse glitches/bugs.
  • Rule #4: No kind of outside trade, E.g. Runescape gold.
  • Rule #5: Evading a ban / punishment will result in multiplication of the previous ban / punishment.
  • Rule #6: No discrimination based on beliefs or race, we respect the opinions of every member.
  • Rule #7: Do not question the decisions made by the staff.
  • Rule #8: Keep offensive language to a low. We do not condone bad language, but it is accepted in small amounts. If you excessively use bad language, a staff member online will with you in the appropriate manner.
  • Rule #9: No asking for staff. It will have a negative effect.
  • Rule #10: Do not disrespect or impersonate any member of DS.
  • Rule #11: Any kind of outside trade is against the rules.
  • Rule #12: Do not ask staff in-game to undo punishments, make an appeal on the forum.
  • Rule #13: Pornographic / crude links are not permitted.
  • Rule #14: Excessive flame is not permitted.
  • Rule #15: Do not hack, or threaten to hack any member.
  • Rule #16: Listen to the staff.
  • Rule #17: Auto-typers must be set to 7 seconds and auto-clickers are not permitted.
  • Rule #18: Do not impersonate a Staff Member.
  • Rule #19: Account sharing is strictly prohibited.
  • Rule #20: Selling of DungeonScape Accounts or any ingame items is prohibited.
  • Rule #21: Any kind of advertising in ::yell is not permitted.
  • Rule #22: Use of capital letters excessively is not permitted.
  • Rule #23: No sexism.

If you are caught breaking any rule, a moderator may punish you without warning.

Note: DS means DungeonScape.

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